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Liposuction for Lymphoedema and Lipoedema- experience matters

Liposuction for lymphedema and lipoedema

The choice of surgeon is one of the most important decisions lymphoedema patient can make before embarking on a surgical treatment pathway for their condition. Although many plastic surgeons can perform liposuction for aesthetic purposes in different body areas, liposuction for lymphedema and lipoedema is significantly different procedure which requires thorough understanding of both conditions, preoperative imaging to map viable lymphatic pathways as well as targeted treatment with safe execution of surgery to minimise potential complications. Mr. Damir Kosutic is a highly skilled and experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Manchester, UK, with a special interest in the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema using liposuction surgery. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field and has been performing liposuction for lymphedema treatment for many years. Mr Kosutic reputation in this field has been recognised by British Association of Plastic Surgeons when he was elected as a Chair of Lymphoedema and Lipoedema Special Interest Advisory Group of BAPRAS, earlier this year.

Mr. Kosutic understands the challenges faced by patients with lymphoedema, and he recognizes the limitations of traditional treatments such as compression garments, manual lymphatic drainage, and exercises. Therefore, he has been researching and developing surgical techniques to improve the quality of life for those affected by lymphoedema.

Mr. Kosutic uses advanced liposuction techniques to remove excess fat and reduce swelling caused by lymphedema or lipoedema. The procedure aims to create a more symmetrical and proportional appearance of the affected limb, improve mobility, and alleviate discomfort associated with lymphoedema.

Over the years, Mr. Kosutic has treated many patients with lymphoedema using liposuction. His vast experience, surgical skill, and attention to detail have led to remarkable results and satisfied patients.

Many patients who have undergone liposuction for lymphoedema treatment by Mr. Kosutic have reported improved quality of life and reduced pain and discomfort. Patients have reported experiencing a significant improvement in limb size and shape and being able to fit into normal clothing and shoes.

Mr. Kosutic is known for his compassionate and patient-centered approach, which puts his patients at ease and ensures a smooth recovery. He provides personalized care to each patient, taking the time to understand their specific needs and expectations, and ensures they are well-informed throughout the treatment process.

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